I am just another mom-blogger. I am always wondering if I am doing it right and praying for more time in the day…

Really though…

I am a not-yet-thirty (I’m going to leave this like that well into my 30s. ha!) woman who is married to a U.S. sailor and the mom of a rambunctious, intelligent, and great memory having three-year-old boy.

I met the love of my life in 2012 through an online dating website. Seven months later we were married at the courthouse with plans to have an actual wedding the next year. Instead, we got a baby. One year minus 3 days after we got married, our son was born on his due date (read his birth story here). Fast forward ten months later and we were living in a new state.

Now, nearly five years later, we have accumulated almost three degrees (1 associates, 1 B.A., and almost a M.S.) between the three of us, have a dog, have potty trained a stubborn boy, are beginning to plan our next adventure in a different state, AND planning child #2. Our life is crazy and fast-paced but that is US.

I am a librarian and he is an HM1 (Navy speak for hospital corpsman, first class). It has taken both of us so long to get to this point in our careers (me 10 years, him 13) and before I go any further, I want to sign off on pregnancy!