Perpetual Two-Week Wait

I am a symptom spotter for sure. Anytime my husband’s penis comes near me, I automatically assume I am pregnant. When you got pregnant on the first try with your first one, it’s easy to think you are a Fertile Myrtle. So because of this, I feel like the two-week wait¬†never¬†ends. Also, I just really want a second baby.

I have been ready for another one since our son, R, was about 10 months old. I figured I had parenting down and it was time to give it ago! Husband thought otherwise. It’s only been six months or so that he has felt ready and saw how very badly R needs a sibling.

So now that we are both ready, I spend every two-week window between ovulation and the first day of my period (I don’t chart but I do use the app Clue to track my cycle) analyzing every feeling in my body.

Sore throat, cough, sore boobs, fatigue, cravings, increased saliva… I must be pregnant. Wrong. It all means nothing. In fact, looking back, my husband knew I was pregnant with R before I did. My only symptoms were unusual crying and a ravenous appetite. I was scouring the pantry for snacks and nothing was hitting the spot. I didn’t even realize I was late. I actually waited a few days before testing and was shocked when it came up positive.

So ladies, you are not alone in that two-week wait misery. I know that I am not pregnant but will continue believing so each month until that wicked red witch shows her face.


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