Introducing Books & Babies

When I was pregnant with my first, I began blogging each week to keep family informed and then I feel off the wagon as I became immersed into motherhood and battled with postpartum depression. Three years later, I am almost finished with my graduate degree in Library and Information Science (that means I’ll be an official librarian) and will be moving to a still unknown place in February 2018. With school wrapping up and knowing I will likely have some adjusting to do once we relocate, I am ready to start another blog.

What about?

Books. And babies.

There is a common misconception that librarians get paid to read all day. Not quite. In the public library, I spent most of my time helping people learn how to print (for the umpteenth time) and placing holds on popular titles. Sometimes I held programming. In the academic library, I attend 3-4 meetings a week over various things, management a team of employees, and give reference help. When I get home, I have to make dinner, do homework, pay attention to a husband, and keep a high-energy three-year-old boy entertained and alive. There is no room for reading right now. But I am hoping that once my degree is behind me I can replace the homework with reading and use Books & Babies to share reviews and thoughts.

Now for the babies… my husband and I are ready for #2. Ideally, I would like to use the blog to document our journey as well as parenting a three-year-old. Fears, frustrations, happiness, appointments, advice… I want to include it all. Warning, I am a scientific mama who also lazy parents her toddler. I am not a helicopter parent. If you are, wonderful! I am a believer in doing what works for you and your family. I simply write this as a heads up for those who may not be interested in reading about the benefit of vaccines or are appalled that I won’t use a cart cover with my child. 😛

I am not sure how the two topics will flow. Maybe they won’t. It’s all a learning experience! Enjoy!


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